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Humancovers mainly focuses on B2B cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to bringing high-quality goods and products around the world, and deliver efficient supply chain and top class customer service.

Quality and Affordability

Quality Inspection: All our products undergo supplier review, frequent inspection, as well as after-sales feedback, tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. Strict Short-listing of Suppliers: Our products come from a reliable network of suppliers from many parts of the globe to ensure the best quality.

Affordability: Our lean supply chain design allows our products to be directly sourced from the manufacturers with no need for an intermediary, hence allowing us to offer you the lowest and the most affordable price.

Prominent Brands: Humancovers partners with many popular brands from top best export-oriented countries to bring you more than thousands of essential products.


Humancovers is a customer-focused, export-oriented online shopping platform that brings you world’s elite manufacturers, suppliers and sellers quality products accompanied by a reliable supply chain and the best customer service.